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People Owned By Macaws
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14th-May-2009 10:58 pm - regurgitation and my macaw
my macaw won't stop taking my finger gently in his massive beak and trying to regurgitate on my it. he has succeeded once, but its all he wants to do anymore. he has also singled me out as his pet and has started attacked the other people i live with. what's up?
19th-Apr-2009 12:08 am - Feathered Kisses Program in Owego, NY
Hi everyone! For those of you who enjoyed my last set of pictures, Feathered Kisses did a photo shoot and public informational today at Tioga Gardens in Owego, NY. It was amazing how many people showed up and how much we got to teach people. The Director of Feathered Kisses, Shelley Jones, was just astonished. I wanted to share the pictures I took with the group:

090418.feathered kisses.tioga gardens

Again, an album that opens when you click.
16th-Apr-2009 02:26 pm - Feathered Kisses Educational Program
HP_Canaries in the mine
As some of you may know, I volunteer at our local bird rescue, Feathered Kisses. We do educational programs at places such as retirement/nursing homes and schools. Yesterday, we went to Bethany Manor in Horseheads, NY to do an educational program. I wanted to share some pictures from it. The residents were amazed at the birds and loved interacting with the birds and being able to touch them. Here is a link to my photo album from yesterday (and apologies for xposting):

090415.Horseheads.Bethany Manor

This is an album that opens when you click on it.
24th-Jan-2009 11:45 am - Anybody in there?
Severe Macaw Beaky.

January is Parrot Month at 10,000 Birds.com. There are lots of good macaw pictures!

10th-Dec-2008 10:59 pm - Adonis

When Adonis loosely grabs my finger in his beak and bops his head up and down really quickly
what do you think he is doing? he seems to love it

25th-Sep-2008 10:19 pm - Transporting a macaw?

Basically, I have the chance to adopt a 4 year old military macaw, who, if his owner described him/her correctly, is very friendly and hand-tamed. The only problem is that this bird is about 4 hours away. If I do actually get to adopt him, what should I use to transport him? obviously I'm not going to just throw him in a cardboard box for 4 hours. I've heard about travel cages but I don't know what they are, just a small cage that fits easily into the back seat of a car?

Also, if anyone else has any other tips for keeping birds calm on a 4 hour car trip that would be great. I know it'll be hard to keep a large bird in a small space for 4 hours and I'd like to keep the stress level as low as possible.

9th-Jul-2008 04:57 pm(no subject)
abyss journeys

I gave Red an egg carton with 4 in the shell walnuts in it, and challenged him to dig them out. He watched me shut it with walnuts in it. This is a short video of him getting his first walnut vs. me just handing it to him.
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